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Flatbed Towing

One of the most nerve-wracking situations in life is to experience a car breakdown on the road. If you are on the busy street, you could cause a buildup of traffic in the area. If it happens on a road outside the city, you could have trouble with the cellular reception. Calling for help would be difficult. What’s even worse is picking the wrong towing company. Many second-rate towing companies have inadequate equipment, inexperienced tow truck technicians and less modern types of machinery. They may offer lower rates for their services but the risk of damaging your vehicle may not be worth the price you pay for their services. Instead of falling into the wrong towing company, dial Aurora Towing Company at 647-797-1699.

Flatbed Towing

One of the most requested among our towing services is the flatbed towing. Our flatbed tow trucks are designed with low profile hydraulic beds which can sit lower than the standard or traditional inclined towing trucks. It has an adjustable incline which allows the loading of vehicles with very low ground clearance. Our seasoned tow truck operators are able to safely load and convey your vehicles to the desired destination without adding more harm to the vehicle. Our flatbed tow trucks come with tie down system and sturdy but soft nylon straps to prevent damage to the car paint or body. Flatbed towing is the choice of most people who want to carry and deliver their prized vehicles to a different town or location.

Why Use Flatbed Towing

It’s a risky job to transport vehicles from one location to another just by using another car to drag the vehicle. Road debris can damage the body paint and can also damage the transmission wheel. Here are the benefits of using a flatbed tow truck in transporting your vehicle:

  • Flatbed towing is the best way to tow a car without damage. Traditional towing using another car puts stress on the four wheels touching the ground. Similarly, a tow truck using the hook method may damage the bumper of the car.
  • Greater safety for pedestrians. The towed vehicle is safely strapped on the flatbed rear of the truck. This lowers the risk of swaying during swerving motions keeping road safety for pedestrians on a check.
  • It is the only option. Sometimes, the vehicles may have damaged tires that the only option is to use a flatbed tow truck to get it to the repair shop.
  • Saves time and effort. Using a flatbed tow truck is relatively easy to use. You just need to drive up the car to the flatbed. If the car could not be driven, we simply use a winch to get it to the rear portion and strap it securely.

Aurora Towing Company

We are a team of professional, experienced and certified towing technicians. We have been in business for the last 15 years giving our excellent service to the areas of York Region, North York, Markham, and Richmond Hill. We can help you with vehicle towing, heavy duty towing, flatbed towing, car lock assistance, road rescue assistance, recovery assistance, motorcycle towing, flat tire rescue, and battery boosting and car jumpstarting.

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